Guided Hikes

If you love hiking in breathtaking scenery but would prefer to have a guide show you the way, our Guided Hikes are a perfect option for you. Let us lead you on one of our guided hiking excursions offering you knowledge of the trail, as well as interesting information about Seward and its wildlife.We are proud to accommodate small groups, couples, and even solo travelers for guided hikes. It’s important to us that you have an individualized experience whether that means you come along in a group of new faces, or you get to experience a one on one hike with your guide moving at your pace and learning the information that interests you the most. We also offer a helicopter flight seeing tour combined with a guided hike. Check out our heli-hike option below!


Tonsina Point

2.5 - 3.5 HRS 



This excursion will take you on an easy to moderate 1.5 mile hike to Tonsina Point. We begin our hike in a hemlock and spruce forest that travels along the edge of Resurrection Bay. As we continue hiking, we will cross two bridges giving us a birds-eye view over Tonsina Creek and depending on time of year endless spawning salmon. The hike will open up to an expansive beach area where you are welcome to stroll along the beach and even do some beach combing. From here we pack up and hike the 1.5 mile back to our starting point. This is an easy to moderate hike. Though there is no significant elevation gain, there are still areas of incline to navigate. This option is family friendly and open to children 9+ upon approval.


Mt. Marathon Bowl                    

3 - 4 HRS



This guided hike ranges from moderate to difficult. Mt. Marathon is one of the most beloved mountains in Seward. It is here where we host one of the nation's hardest 5k races every 4th of July where racers battle up a steep and often treacherous trail to the top. During our excursion we will hike up the less steep jeep trail and along the bench taking us to the Mt. Marathon Bowl. We will be ascending through forested area which opens up in the vast meadows and stunning views of Seward and the Kenai Fjords. Though this trail is not as difficult as the racers trail, it is still a challenging hike where you will deal with elevation gain, occasional overgrown areas on the trail, and points of steep assent and descent. This hike is roughly 4 miles roundtrip but the difficulty comes from the approximately 1,400 feet in elevation gain. This can be a difficult hike and is not recommended for children. This guided hike is suitable for children 14+ upon approval.



2-3 HRS



We are excited to be teaming up with Marathon Helicopters and offering a scenic flight to the top of Mount Marathon combined with a landing in the bowl and guided hike down the mountain. This option allows you to see fantastic sights of Seward and the bay from a bird's eye view. Enjoy the exhilarating helicopter ride paired with a peaceful hike down. The descent is moderately challenging as there are areas of steepness, as well as some rocky or overgrown areas. This is definitely a once in a lifetime experience at a bargain price!



All of our hikes take place in the Alaskan wilderness. Yes, this means there are bears, moose, eagles, mountain goats, bugs, and the ever adorable marmots! What this means for you is to be aware that there is the possibility of encountering one of these critters on our outing. Mosquitos and bugs are a very real thing in Alaska, so be prepared to deal with them. If you are coming into one of these excursions with a crippling fear of seeing any of these animals, these hikes may not be for you. That being said, though animal encounters do happen, it is our goal to keep both you and our animal population safe! Oh, and did we mention that we are located in a rainforest? So guess what, it rains. Sometimes a lot. This means please be prepared for all weather conditions, including rain gear, because sometime those rain clouds will sneak right up on ya!