Yoga & Hike

Tonsina Point

3.5-4 Hrs


This excursion will take you on an easy to moderate 1.5 mile hike to Tonsina Point. The hike will bring us to a beach location where we will have our yoga practice or meditation along the waterfront of Resurrection Bay. The yoga practice will be an hour-long Vinyasa style class open to inexperienced and advanced alike. Or, if you prefer, you can choose the meditation option where we sit in a guided pranyama breathing practice combined with a meditation session. From here we pack up and hike the 1.5 mile back to our starting point. This excursion includes hiking through spruce and hemlock which will eventually open up into an expansive view of the bay. This Yoga & Hike is great for all skill levels and is a perfect half-day trip. Family friendly for children 10+ upon approval.


Mt. Marathon Bowl                    

4-5 Hrs


This Yoga & Hike ranges from moderate to difficult. Mt. Marathon is one of the most beloved mountains in Seward. It is here where we host one of the nations hardest 5k races every 4th of July where racers battle up a steep and often treacherous trail to the top. During our excursion we will hike up the less steep jeep trail and along the bench taking us to the Mt. Marathon Bowl. Though this trail is not as difficult as the racers trail it is still a challenging hike where you will deal with elevation gain, occasional overgrown areas on the trail, and points of steep assent and descent.  In the meadow of the bowl we will do an hour-long Vinyasa style yoga session that is open to all levels. Or with the meditation option we offer pranayama breathing exercises combined with a seated meditation. After our practice we will head back down the mountain to our original starting place. Also check out our Heli-Yoga option to the Marathon Bowl and enjoy the scenic and easy way up! This is a difficult hike and not recommended for children. This Yoga & Hike is suitable for children 14+ upon approval.

*Check out our Heli-Yoga option for Mt. Marathon offering the scenic and easy way up to the Mt. Marathon Bowl


All of our hikes take place in the Alaskan wilderness. Yes, this means there are bears, moose, eagles, mountain goats, bugs, and the ever adorable marmots! What this means for you is to be aware that there is the possibility of encountering one of these critters on our outing. Mosquitos and bugs are a very real thing in Alaska, so be prepared to deal with them. If you are coming into one of these excursions with a crippling fear of seeing any of these animals, these hikes may not be for you. That being said, though animal encounters do happen, it is our goal to keep both you and our animal population safe! Oh, and did we mention that we are located in a rainforest? So guess what, it rains. Sometimes a lot. This means to please be prepared for all weather conditions, including rain gear, because sometime those rain clouds will sneak right up on ya!